Hurricane Irene Preparedness

All Gangplank Slipholders,

Please be sure to speak with your neighbors regarding hurricane preparedness and follow the Dockmaster’s instructions below as we prepare for possible severe weather this weekend.

You can track the forecasted progress of Hurricane Irene here.

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Gangplank Dock Office

Date: Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 12:43 PM

Subject: hurricane preparedness Irene; mass email

To: Gangplank Dock Office

Due to the recent forecasts the marina is required to initiate the first phase of its hurricane preparedness plan.

The plan is located here…

What this means for slip holders;

· Take down or secure all canvas and eisenglass

· Clear your upper decks and tie down all furniture

o Reduce windage

o Prevent airborne missiles

o Take down and secure Biminis

o Secure all items and stow portable fuel tanks.

· Clear items from the docks

o Plants

· Check dock lines

o Look for weak spots or chafing to be addressed

o Double lines up

o Keep extra lines on hand

· Dinghies need to be taken up out of the water before Friday

· Bilges

o Clean out possible pollution sources

o Confirm bilges operate in automatic mode

· Check batteries

o In case the city loses power

· The marina is pumping all boats in the marina out this week

· Boats on T-heads need to get anchors ready to help relieve strain on the docks.

· Don’t rely on the highways they may be clogged if you need to get to the marina.

· The marina will not allow incoming boat traffic beyond Wednesday August 24th though Monday August 29th unless the hurricane changes track.

Jeremy Heckler


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